Dec 29, 2012

Learn More About Delicious Manuka Honey

A new year offers the opportunity to try new things. Changing the diet is one way to spice up life and make it a bit healthier. Many people have incorporated new natural foods into their diets in recent years because they want to avoid the harmful effects of food processing. Manuka honey is one natural food that has gone from relative obscurity to the spotlight in a very short time.

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What Is Pure Manuka Honey?

This honey is native to New Zealand and is produced by European honeybees that pollinate the local manuka trees, also called tea trees. These trees are abundant in New Zealand and the southeastern region of Australia, where they grow uncultivated. The honey is unique in several ways, including its relatively dark color, high viscosity, and strong, rich flavor.

Tea tree pollen content should be at least 70 percent in order for honey to carry the manuka label. Within this type of honey, further distinction is made between active and inactive versions. An active version carries a UMF rating of ten or higher. UMF is the industry-wide scale used to gauge potency of this honey, making it easier to compare between brands.

Different Manuka Honey Products

This honey is sold in raw form and is an ingredient in a variety of beauty and healing products. Raw honey is available plain or with dried fruit or cinnamon to provide added flavor. Active versions are distinguished by the UMF number on the label. Some raw forms contain added honeybee products such as propolis and royal jelly. Consumers use this honey as they would any other type, spreading it on bread, using it to sweeten beverages, and including it in recipes.

This honey is also used to make hygiene and beauty products, including liquid and bar soap, bath salts, anti-wrinkle cream, mud masks, and acne cream. It is even a featured ingredient in first aid products such as antiseptic lotion and spray as well as anti-fungal and anti-itch cream. Honey lozenges soothe irritated throats and capsules are designed for consumers seeking the benefits of this unique honey without the honey taste. Consumers who enjoy beeswax candles can purchase candles made from wax extracted from these special New Zealand beehives.

Where Can You Buy Manuka Honey?

In New Zealand and portions of Australia, manuka honey products are standard items in grocery stores and natural markets. They are more difficult to find in the U.S. and other western countries so the Internet is the best place to look for them. Consumers can shop for their favorite honey products online without wasting time or gas. If they shop with a large supplier, they can find the complete range of honey products in one location.

Shoppers should be prepared to spend some money on manuka honey products. This honey is relatively rare so it commands a higher price tag. Many consumers believe that the price is justified based on taste, benefits, and the wide variety of products available. Whether they simply enjoy the taste or are seeking specific results, more people are adding this special honey to their diets.

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