Manuka Honey Uses

Manuka Honey Uses Range from Cooking to Healing

How many products do you see in the kitchen that can also be used in the bathroom? There are some like lemon or baking soda but these are used as cleaners. Few foods can be applied to the skin with any results. Honey is an exception and it is becoming as common to find honey in the pantry as in the bathroom cabinet. In particular, manuka honey uses include recipes for natural meals and natural or holistic healing.

What Is Organic Manuka Honey and Where Is It Found?

What is manuka honey in the first place? It is a unique type of honey created by European honeybees that frequent the manuka tree native to New Zealand and portions of Australia. Also called the tea tree, this plant produces attractive white flowers that these bees love to pollinate. Beekeepers harvest the honey produced by the bees and sell it in raw form for inclusion in a variety of products.

Several types of natural healing products include active manuka in their ingredient lists. Antiseptic spray and lotion and acne, anti-itch, and anti-fungal cream are some examples. Manuka is also used to make bar and hand soap, bath salts, and mud masks. Most people are familiar with beeswax candles and wax from this special type of honey is included in these products.

Using Raw Manuka Honey

Cooking and beauty treatments are on the list of manuka honey uses. Raw manuka is consumed by the teaspoonful as a supplement, spread onto bread, used to sweeten coffee and tea, and included in recipes for glazes, sauces, desserts, and more. The raw form includes vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients naturally found in this substance. Since it is not subject to heat processing, it retains these natural ingredients and others created by honeybees.

Raw manuka is a common ingredient in face masks for dry, oily, sensitive, and combination skin. Though it is not filtered or pasteurized, it is sometimes strained to remove wax, pollen, and propolis bee substance particles. This honey is naturally moisturizing and can be applied alone or combined with other food products such as egg whites, avocado, and oatmeal. A natural face mask is easy to make at home and is less expensive than getting a similar treatment at a spa.

Know Where To Buy Manuka Honey at Reasonable Prices

Knowing how to use this honey is one thing but finding it at a reasonable price is another. Since manuka is a relatively rare type of honey, manufacturers and retailers can sell it at high prices. Look for a retailer that offers bulk discounts and free shipping with orders of a particular dollar value. Make sure the products are backed by a complete satisfaction guarantee that includes either a refund or exchange.

With manuka honey uses extending from recipes for meals and desserts to those for face masks, this substance is in high demand. Review the assortment of raw manuka and other honey products before placing an order. By including all the desired items in one order, discounts on product pricing and free shipping may be available.

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