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Can Honey Make Wrinkles Disappear

Smoking, drinking, and too much time in the sun can cause skin to age prematurely. These lifestyle choices may begin reflecting as fine lines and wrinkles when people are in their 20s. Anti-wrinkle creams and surgeries are common ways to address the issue. Honey is receiving increased attention as an anti-wrinkle treatment due to its reported healing qualities.

The UMF factor assigned to pure manuka honey serves as a measurement of medicinal properties. UMF 10 or higher is considered medical grade by medical professionals in New Zealand and several other regions. Researchers are exploring the components of honey that could be beneficial to skin conditions. High sugar content and an osmosis process may be responsible for drawing out skin impurities. Other components may encourage removal of dead skin cells, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

As a wrinkle treatment, the honey is applied directly to the affected area and left on for 30 minutes or more. Some people choose to leave it on overnight so they apply a dressing over it before going to sleep. Honey and cooked oatmeal can also be mixed to create a face mask. The honey should not be cooked with the oatmeal because this will remove beneficial properties.

Though there is no direct link between this type of honey and wrinkle reduction, research continues. Companies market anti-wrinkle serums that include this ingredient. Collagen fiber production, cell generation, and improvement in skin elasticity are several of the claimed benefits. If these are accurate, regular use will result in younger looking skin. This could be an all-natural way to reduce age spots and wrinkles while moisturizing and firming skin.

Serum products are typically applied during the morning and at night after cleaning the face. The serum is applied to the face with the fingertips and left on so it can absorb into skin. It should not make contact with eyes but if an all-natural version is used, flushing the eyes with water should remove any resulting irritation. Ingredients in natural honey serums include glycerin, rose hip oil, soy lecithin, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, and flax seed oil.

Consumers can buy manuka honey online in various forms including these serums. If they find that their wrinkles become less pronounced, they may want to incorporate this product into their daily beauty routine. Home remedies like this are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration but some people stand by their effectiveness.

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