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manuka honey umf 16
Price: $44.95
Manuka Honey is a premium, mono-floral honey which contains more vitamins, and antioxidants than other types of honey....
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Price: $14.95
Our Manuka Beeswax Candle is made with beeswax that is extracted from the same hives in New Zealand that produce Manuka honey...
manuka honey lozenges
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Our Manuka Honey Lozenges support throat health, freshen breath and are made with active Manuka honey (15+)....

What Makes Raw Manuka Honey Different

raw manuka honey

When we think of meat and vegetables, the meaning of the term “raw” is clear, but, what about honey? A substance, which we do not typically cook before consuming? In this case, the product manufacturer performs the heating. Heating honey removes its nutritional enzyme and natural vitamin content. Ayurvedic medicine views raw honey in a positive light and heated honey as poison.

Commercially processed honey is heat treated and clarified, causing it to lose between 33 and 50 percent of its original vitamin content, according to a trusted bee hive product resources.

Raw honey features a higher level of enzymes than that of most other foods but these substances are destroyed during the heating process. When honey is commercially processed, the honeybee substance propolis that contains phytonutrients is also removed.

Learn more about raw honey benefits or manuka honey FAQ here.

Honeymark® Difference

At Honeymark®, we are committed to provide our customers with excellent customer service and with premium Raw Manuka honey imported from New Zealand. We provide a full range of flavored selections and other Manuka honey infused products. Honeymark® recommends other customers’ favorites such as manuka honey lozenges, soaps, or beeswax candles.

paraben-free gmo-free not-tested-on-animalsHoneymark® Products are:

•    Made with Active Manuka Honey from New Zealand
•    Paraben Free
•    All-natural Ingredients
•    Free of Artificial Coloring
•    Free of Synthetic Fragrances
•    Free of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)
•    Free of Mineral Oils
•    Free of Artificial Preservatives
•    Cruelty Free - No Animal Testing

We hope you enjoy your visit on our website and enjoy your shopping experience. If you wish to leave us a comment, please use our contact form. We are always happy to hear from our customers.

Making a Difference

save beesBeing an ethical business, also means supporting bees and fighting the Bee Colony Collapse Disorder! Honeymark ® is a strong advocate against conventional practices.

Mass deaths of bees have recently swept all over the world. Increasingly each spring, beekeepers open their hives to find entire colonies wiped out. Bees pollinate at least a third of the world's crops.

Without these bees to pollinate crops, consumers will pay higher prices for fruits and vegetables that are not of higher quality or worse. Honeymark ® products are produced only from ethical beekeepers and sources in New Zealand. All Manuka honey is imported by Honeymark ® into the United States.

Supporting ethical honey products, means you are choosing to live a healthier,  responsible, and sustainable lifestyle. We at Honeymark ® thank you for your support. To learn more about how you can help honeybees, please follow the link. If you are interested in learning more about the history of honey, click here and read about ancient honey uses and cultures, which embraced and cultivated bees as well as honey.

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